The Point is to Change It! Critical Political Interventions in Media and Communication Studies

The current issue of tripleC (Vol 15, No 1), features an interview series with leading scholars in the field of Media and Communication Studies.



The Point Is to Change It! Introduction to Critical Political Interventions in Media and Communication Studies. 214-230

“The intention was to democratise the sphere of communication.” An Interview with Bogdan Osolnik. 231-250

“What happened was foremost an assault by interests of the big capital.” An interview with Breda Pavlič. 251-261

“Well friends, let’s play jazz.” An Interview with Cees J. Hamelink. 262-284

“Is enlightenment just a European idea?” An interview with Daya Thussu. 285-304

“The concentration of power, represented by current prevailing media conditions, is and ought to be open to challenge.” An interview with Peter Golding. 305-327

“I can’t imagine a radically reformed political economy that isn’t built on a radically reformed public sphere.” An interview with Dan Hind. 328-336


Image: Graffiti at University College London during the 2010 anti-austerity protests. Used with permission by Sašo Slaček Brlek.

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