Two new papers in the Westminster Advanced Studies research series

We have published two new issues in the Westminster Advanced Studies research paper series. The series presents independent critical thinking with advanced insights into the complex realities and possibilities of the contemporary world.

In WIAS No. 5, Paško Bilić (Research Associate, Department for Culture and Communication, Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb, Croatia) presents a critique of the political economy of algorithms. Paško argues that the debate about the irrational consequences of rationality discussed within Frankfurt School tradition can help us better understand and criticise algorithmic capitalism.

In WIAS No. 6, Benjamin J Birkinbine (WIAS International Research Fellow, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at University of Nevada, Reno) unpacks how critical political economy provides the most useful analytical framework for understanding the contradictions within the relationship between capital and the commons.


Download Paško Bilić: “Critique of the Political Economy of Algorithms: Brief History of Google’s Technological Rationality”

Download Benjamin J Birkinbine: “Commons Praxis: Towards a Critical Political Economy of the Digital Commons”

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