Videos: ICTs & Society 2017 talks

Videos of all talks from the 6th ICTs and Society Conference: Digital Objects, Digital Subjects can be found below. The conference was hosted by WIAS, held at Little Titchfield Street, University of Westminster, London. A big thank you to Steve Brown and Teo Cruz for recording and editing the videos!


The Digital Housewife: Labour at the Intersection of Culture and Economy
by Kylie Jarrett

The Same River Twice: Torrential Formations of the Anthropocene
by Etienne Turpin

The Smart Mandate: Ubiquitous Computing, Environment, and “Resilient Hope”
by Orit Halpern

Karl Marx in the Age of Big Data Capitalism
by Christian Fuchs

The Incorporation of the Digital Machine: A Metaphor?
by Antonio Negri

Critique or Collectivity?
by Jodi Dean

The Platform Party: The Transformation of Political Organisation in the Digital Era
by Paolo Gerbaudo

Revitalizing Critique Against the Critical Sirens of Algorithmic Governmentality
by Antoinette Rouvroy

Goodbye iSlave: Rethinking Smartphone, Activism, and Chinese Labor
by Jack Linchuan Qiu

Governmentalities of the Digital: Mapping, Sensing and Hacking
by David Chandler

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